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    Good news for Arkansas residents: despite of the fact that about 17.5% of its residents lack Health Insurance coverage, this percentage is likely to decrease this year, thanks to the great efforts of the Arkansas Department of Health. Although most employers have been reducing their Health Benefits lately within the state (in 2008, about 4.1 of every 10 employers offered Health benefits to their employees), alternate plans have become available for residents to ensure Health Insurance coverage.

    The entity responsible for regulating all sorts of Health Insurance policies (and any sort of Insurance policy sold) within the state is the Arkansas Insurance Department. Before purchasing any policy, check out their site and make sure that the agent or company selling has a valid license.

    Overall, Arkansas residents have a good access to ready Health Care, with 83 of every 100 residents having access to Medical Care if needed. Federally Qualified Health Centers are also available, but scarcely used among the population under the 200% Federal Poverty Line.

    If Health Insurance has been denied for you in the past in Arkansas, you might want to check out Arkansas CHIP. CHIP is a state program that intends to provide an alternative market for health insurance for certain uninsurable Arkansas residents, providing portable and accessible individual health insurance for federally eligible individuals.

    Health Information:

    Health Ranking:  #43
    State Health Department Web Site:

    Arkansas has struggled with its Health status for the past year, but things finally seem to be picking up. Despite being the second worst state in terms of health in 2007 (and being within the five bottom spots for the past years), Arkansas has begun to pick up in America’s Health Rankings. In 2008 it was ranked 43rd, a spot which, although still low, is Arkansas’ highest rank in 15 years.

    Some of the key factors that will allow Arkansas to pick up its Health status are the increase in public Health funding and the increase in Arkansas residents with Health Insurance coverage. This state still needs to work hard to come out of the bottom ten states in the Country. Working on its Preventive Health is one of the key aspects that will allow Arkansas to raise its healthiness.

    Despite having its public health funding reduced, Arkansas still is among the top 25 states with the most Public Health funding, and aspect they need to take advantage of to improve their health status.

    Health Highlights

    • One of the key changes that are giving Arkansas’ health a boost is the great decrease of Children in Poverty. In 2007, Arkansas had the dubious honor of being the second state with the most families with children living in poverty within the US. In the latest rankings, a great drop can be noticed (the percentage went down from 26.6% to 19.1%), and Arkansas is now above the national average.
    • Public Health funding in Arkansas decreased slightly within the past few years, but is still above the national average. This is one of the major assists for residents when it comes to health.
    • Arkansas Residents have a good access to ready Health Care, and to Health Insurance coverage. It is expected that the percentage of residents lacking Health insurance lowers within the upcoming years, and with successful programs like Arkansas CHIP, more and more people are being able to obtain Health Insurance.

    Health Weaknesses

    • The amount of Public Health Funding dropped $10 dollars per person (it was $83/person in 2007, but it dropped to $73/person in 2008).
    • Preventable health issues, such as obesity, need to be monitored. The incidence of Obesity among residents in Arkansas is one of the highest in the nation, with almost 30% of the Arkansas residents being Obese.
    • Premature Death is also very high in Arkansas, being one of the highest in the US. In 2008 the rate was of 9,694 years lost per 100,000 residents.

    Arkansas Health Insurance Quotes

    In order to save on health insurance in Arkansas and find the best match for your personal coverage needs, you need more information than any one health insurance company can provide. You need to be able to review quotes from a broad range of Arkansas health insurance companies and see how their plan rates and benefits stack up. That is why we enable you to choose from a broad range of insurance companies and health insurance plans available in Arkansas.

    Arkansas Health Insurance news

    As a resident of Arkansas, it’s always important to be informed of the latest events and news regarding Health Insurance in your state. Here are some of the latest headlines that mention Health Care and Health Insurance related topics for Arkansas:

    Arkansas Office of Insurance Regulation and Department of Health

    If you have any additional questions or need special assistance, feel free to visit or contact Arkansas’ Insurance Department and Department of Health directly:

    Arkansas Insurance Department
    1200 West Third Street
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Phone: (501)371-2600

    Arkansas Department of Health
    4815 West Markham
    Little Rock, AR 72205
    Phone: (501) 661-2000