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    Oklahoma has one of the highest percentages of residents lacking Health Insurance coverage within the United State. Barely 81.7% of residents in this state are insured, and over 18% are unprotected. Despite slightly improving their status as compared to previous years, Oklahoma is still one of the worst states when it comes to insurance coverage. What can be done to help this situation? State officials need to enforce more accessible health coverage.

    One of the measures that has successfully helped this situation and could be used with more force is enforcing Health Insurance through employers in Oklahoma. The percentage of current employers offering health benefits to their workers is still somewhat low  (48.3%), but it’s a percentage that has been consistently improving over the past five years. Almost 8 out of 10 workers take advantage of the plans offered through their employers.

    One of the key assets of Oklahoma’s health system is the strong health funding per capita. With almost $100 per capita spent in public health within the state. Nevertheless, this money needs to be used more according. Ready medical care is not as accessible as other states with the same amount of funding (Oklahoma has only 79.9 primary care physicians for every 100,000 residents), which is an indicator that overall, health in Oklahoma, despite being available, is not accessible for everyone. Only 80 out of 100 residents could get medical assistance if needed, and Federally Qualified Health Centers serve only 77 out 1000 patients under the 200% FPL.

    If you are an Oklahoma resident looking for Health Insurance Coverage, we recommend you to visit the site of Oklahoma’s Insurance Department, who is in charge of regulating all health insurance within the state. They have list of licensed companies and agents authorized to sell you Health Insurance within the state. If you have been denied coverage in the past, also check the site of Oklahoma’s Health Insurance Risk Pool, which serves those who are considered medically uninsurable or high risk. In certain cases, it also applies to those who have been quoted very high premiums due to a serious health condition.

    Health Information:

    Health Ranking:  #42
    State Health Department Web Site:

    After being ranked by the United Health Foundation at an all-time low 47th spot in 2007, Oklahoma has managed to control some of their most serious health hazards and is ranked this year at the 42nd position in America’s Health Ranking. Which factors weighed in this positive turn of events for the state? There are two vital ones: the extremely low incidence of binge drinking across the state, and the strong public health funding.

    Using the public funding the state receives in a fitting manner is vital if this state wishes to continue improving its healthiness. Oklahoma still needs to battle issues such as the low percentage of residents that lack Health Insurance coverage, and the poor access to primary health care. Health needs to be accessible and efficient, and as long as Oklahoma is working towards those goals, their overall healthiness should keep improving.

    Health Highlights

    • In the past year, the percentage of children in Oklahoma living in poverty has decreased over one percent. Currently, 19% of underage residents within the state live in poverty conditions.
    • Oklahoma’s percentage of geographical disparity within the state has lowered, and being now at 10.3%, is above the national average.
    • Although still having some of the highest rates in the country, the incidence of cancer-related and cardiovascular-related fatalities has decreased within the past year.
    • The rate of infectious disease cases has lowered from 34.9 to 14.0 cases per 100,000 residents during the past twenty years.

    Health Weaknesses

    • One of the health risk factors that is in need of lowering is the percentage of smokers within the state. Oklahoma has the third highest prevalence smoking in the country, 25.8% of residents being smokers.
    • As mentioned earlier, the biggest health weakness of this state is the limited access to primary care with only 8 physicians for every 1,000 residents. This is the second lowest rate in America.
    • Oklahoma residents have many poor mental and physical health days per month, with 3.9 days and 4.1 days in the previous 30 days, respectively,
    • Oklahoma has the second highest rate of cardiovascular disease deaths, at 371.0 deaths per 100,000 residents.

    Oklahoma Health Insurance Quotes

    In order to save on health insurance in Oklahoma and find the best match for your personal coverage needs, you need more information than any one health insurance company can provide. You need to be able to review quotes from a broad range of Oklahoma health insurance companies and see how their plan rates and benefits stack up. That is why we enable you to choose from a broad range of insurance companies and health insurance plans available in Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma Health Insurance News

    As a resident of Oklahoma, it’s always important to be informed of the latest events and news regarding Health Insurance in your state. Here are some of the latest headlines that mention Health Care and Health Insurance related topics for Oklahoma:

    Oklahoma Insurance and Department of Health Information

    If you have any additional questions or need special assistance, feel free to visit or contact Oklahoma’s Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation and Department of Community Health directly:

    Oklahoma Insurance Department
    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 53408
    Oklahoma City, OK 73152-3408
    Oklahoma City Office:
    2401 N.W. 23rd Street, Suite 28
    Oklahoma City, OK 73107
    Phone: (405) 521-2828

    Oklahoma State Department of Health
    1000 NE 10th
    Oklahoma City, OK 73117
    Phone: 1-800-522-0203