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    With 89% of residents covered in South Dakota, this state has one of the strongest coverage percentages of Health Insurance across the country (the 13th best rate of insurance coverage among residents). Still, there are 11% of residents uninsured, and these residents could go through financial distress in case they have to go through a medical emergency. The percentage of residents insured is slightly higher than it was five years ago, but still lower than what it was twenty years ago. Health Insurance across the state is one of the things South Dakota has been working consistently on over the past years, and it seems to be working.

    The percentage of employers offering health insurance to employees is one of the key factors that, if increased, could reduced the overall percentage of residents without Health Insurance across the State. While it is still somewhat low (48.1% percent of South Dakota employers offer health benefits), 77.1% of those workers take the plans offered by their employers.

    South Dakota's has a health system that is in a very good position when compared to the rest of the country, but it still has great room for improvement. With only 107 primary care physicians for every 100,000 residents, and a rate 76 unnecessary hospitalizations per 1,000 Medicare enrollees), South Dakota needs to increase the effectiveness of its system. Adequacy is well, with 92.1% of its residents getting medical care when needed. Federally Qualified Health Centers serve 22.2% of residents under the 200% FPL, a great number within the US.

    If you’re looking for Health Insurance coverage in South Dakota, we suggest visiting the site of the South Dakota Division of Insurance, which regulates Health Insurance for this state. They have a list of all licensed companies and agents authorized to sell you Health Insurance in South Dakota.

    Health Information:

    Health Ranking:  #21
    State Health Department Web Site:

    South Dakota has a good healthiness overall, above the national average. The United Health Foundation ranked it this year as the 21st healthiest state in America. Although this means a fall from the list, as compared to 2007 (South Dakota was ranked 16th healthiest state in America), the health given and received within the state is still very good, above average. Key factors that helped South Dakota remain healthy in the past year were the low violent crime rate and the excellent percentage of children receiving complete immunizations.

    South Dakota spends about $75 per person in public, which ensures that accessibility to health care is good, with average percentages of ready primary care access. If they can work on their Health weaknesses over the year, they can invert the tendency again. But so far, South Dakota is a good, healthy place to live.

    Health Highlights

    • This state has the 5th lowest rate of crime (only 169 offenses per 100,000 residents, it's the fifth lowest in the country).
    • South Dakota almost has an excellent percentage of toddlers receiving complete immunizations (with more than 87% of children receiving complete immunizations), it’s also the 5th best in America.
    • The incidence of both smoking and binge drinking has lowered in South Dakota, and although still above average as compared to the rest of the nation, progress is being made.
    • 82.3% of incoming ninth graders graduate within four years in South Carolina.
    • Residents often feel good in this state. They have few poor mental and physical health days per month at 2.4 and 2.8 days, respectively, in the previous 30 days.

    Health Weaknesses

    • One of the things that do not help the state, it's having the highest percentage of geographic disparity within the state (26.5%),
    •  The state has a somewhat limited access to primary care (107.2 primary care physicians per 100,000 residents).
    • Although lowering in the past year, the state has still one of the highest occupational fatalities rate. At 7.9 deaths per 100,000 workers, the working environment needs to be safer for employees.
    • In the past year, the percentage of children in poverty raised greatly, and now almost 15% of underage residents in North Dakota live in poverty conditions.

    South Dakota Health Insurance Quotes

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    South Dakota Health Insurance News

    As a resident of South Dakota, it’s always important to be informed of the latest events and news regarding Health Insurance in your state. Here are some of the latest headlines that mention Health Care and Health Insurance related topics for South Dakota:

    South Dakota Insurance and Department of Health Information

    If you have any additional questions or need special assistance, feel free to visit or contact South Dakota’s Department of Insurance and Department of Health directly:

    South Dakota Division of Insurance
    445 East Capitol Avenue
    Pierre, SD 57501
    Phone: (605) 773-3563

    South Dakota Department of Health
    600 East Capitol Avenue
    Pierre, SD 57501-2536
    Phone: 1-800-738-2301