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    The percentage of residents that currently have health insurance coverage across the state of Tennessee is slightly below the national average. Right now, 86% of the citizens have Insurance, but this percentage has been decreasing steadily over the last twenty years. Now, 14% of residents are unprotected, and this percentage will likely improve in the future, too. Accessibility needs to be revised carefully, so the negative tendency can be reversed and more residents have access to Health Insurance in Tennessee.

    The percentage of employers offering health insurance to employees is good, with 54.7% percent of employers offering health Insurance plans. The good news is that this percentage has been increasing steadily since 2003, and could help revert the current percentage of residents lacking health insurance. Almost 81% of workers within the sate take the Health Insurance plans offered by their employers.

    Public health funding has helped Tennessee greatly over the past years. The state has a rate of 121.6 physicians per 100,000 residents, and could attend almost 86% of all Tennessee residents if needed. The state needs to be able to reach to a wider range of residents to ensure better healthiness across the state. Federally Qualified Health Centers are available, and serve 13.1% of patients under the 2000% FPL.

    If you’re looking for Health Insurance Coverage in Tennessee, we suggest visiting the site of the Department of Insurance. They can help you confirm that any agent or insurance company that you’re interested in buying from has a valid license within the state.

    Health Information:

    Health Ranking:  #47
    State Health Department Web Site:

    When it comes to health, Tennessee needs to improve many things, as they are one of the least healthy states across the nation. This state was as the 47th healthiest place to live by the United Health Foundation, and it's not really a good position. There are many health indicators that were decisive for Tennessee’s slight fall in the rankings, such as the increase in percentage of smoking and obesity within the state’s residents. Tennessee has the great honor though of having the lowest prevalence of binge drinking in the nation.

    The state’s amount of public health funding being spent per capita increased almost $10 in the past year alone, and could be the key for reverting things. Just as they have worked on the high rate primary care access and good percentage of complete immunizations for toddlers, the needs to keep on the hard work if they wish to remain accessible to residents. As mentioned earlier, another decisive factor that could help tremendously is a decrease in the percentage of residents lacking Health Insurance coverage. Overall, Tennessee needs to work on many different issues to ensure that the health status of its state and residents is improved within the current year.

    Health Highlights

    • Tennessee has the lowest prevalence of binge drinking in the country. Only 9 out of 100 residents in this state are considered binge drinkers.
    • The state has a good percentage of toddlers receiving complete immunization coverage. Currently, 80.5% of toddlers (19 to 35 months) get complete immunizations in Tennessee.
    • Overall health access is good in Tennessee. There are 121.6 primary care physicians per 100,000 residents.
    • Despite it’s still below the national average, the percentage of 9th graders who graduate High School within four years has increased tremendously over the past year. It went up 2.4% in 2008, and now 68.5% of 9th graders graduate from High School within 4 years in Tennessee.
    • The percentage of children living in poverty has also lowered slightly in the past year, and is no longer in the country's bottom ten, which is good news for Tennessee.

    Health Weaknesses

    • A healthier lifestyle needs to be encouraged within the residents of Tennessee. The prevalence of smoking and obesity within the state has increased greatly within the past year, and are now among the nation’s bottom five. Almost one quarter of residents are smokers, and almost 31% of residents are obese.
    • Other key issues need to be lowered are the high rate of preventable hospitalizations, which in Tennessee is the 5th worst in the country (97.8 discharges per 1,000 Medicare enrollees),
    • Tennessee has the second highest rate of violent crime rates, at 753 offenses per 100,000 residents, and the second highest infant mortality rate, at 9.5 deaths per 1,000 live births.
    • Cardiovascular and cancer-related deaths are rates are some of the highest in the country, as well as the premature death rate (with 9,647 years lost before age 75 per 100,000 population.

    Tennessee Health Insurance Quotes

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    Tennessee Health Insurance News

    As a resident of Tennessee, it’s always important to be informed of the latest events and news regarding Health Insurance in your state. Here are some of the latest headlines that mention Health Care and Health Insurance related topics for Tennessee:

    Tennessee Insurance and Department of Health Information

    If you have any additional questions or need special assistance, feel free to visit or contact Tennessee’s Department of Insurance and Department of Health directly:

    Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance
    500 James Robertson Parkway
    Davy Crockett Tower
    Nashville, TN 37243-0565
    Phone: (615) 741-2241

    Tennessee Department of Health
    Cordell Hull Building
    425 5th Avenue North
    Nashville, TN 37243
    (615) 741-7305