Our Mission

We use technology and expertise in insurance to serve as the go-to health-care resource and leading brand for consumers.

We seek to build a relationship of trust with people, further strengthened by the value we provide them through advice, analysis, and relevant buying options.


Our Vision

We believe people make better health-care decisions when they have the best possible information. We help them look for coverage and health-care options.

We also help them find, compare and buy insurance that suits them in the simplest way possible.

Who We Are

HealthCare.org is a privately-owned company. We help people make better health care decisions. Health insurance veterans make up our management team. To learn more about us, click here.

Editorial Standards

We strive for fairness, objectivity and accuracy in our content.

We write about health insurance, and we do so to help our neighbors and the public make informed decisions on their health care. We do this by writing content for people, not for companies.

We aim to provide the best information on health insurance so people find the best health care that makes sense for them. Experts guide our editorial process and opinions; advertiers do not. Our editors may not share the views or opinions as other sites or publications.

Our advocacy and opinions are issue-specific; they are not endorsements for any political ideology, party or elected official. 

However, we are a for-profit company. If you use our tools or join a plan after visiting our website, we may receive compensation from advertisers.

Learn more about our editorial standards here.

Who is Responsible for Content

Experienced journalists and writers produce our content.

Licensed insurance agents check our work for accuracy. We work with other experts to produce great advice on health insurance.

Meet Our Writers

Our writers have made complicated topics like Medicare and health insurance simple and easy to understand. Our team of experts, including insurers, financial experts, policy wonks, and doctors, have helped create great resources on health care. We rely on a talented and experienced roster of journalists and experts featured in major organizations and publications to write our content:

Expert Review Board

We strive to ensure our content provides useful and helpful information for our readers. We know health insurance and health care is confusing, which is why we have partnered with experts to review every piece of content for accuracy, objectivity, and utility. Industry veterans, policy makers, and healthcare journalists make up our Expert Review Board. We rely on them and their over 100 years of collective knowledge and industry experience to provide you with the best health-care resources possible.

How to Contact Us

We don’t sell health insurance; we help you find plans that work for you and your family. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, our contact information is below:


3401 N. Miami Ave.
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Miami, FL 33127

To reach an independent, licensed agent, read up on tax forms (FYI: we don’t store or keep them) or contact the government healthcare website, visit our extended contact page.