Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance is just that – an insurance plan that helps supplement your existing individual health insurance coverage. As medical deductibles keep rising, supplemental health insurance has become the newest way to combat ever increasing healthcare costs and keep individuals and families away from financial harm.

A recent study showed only 51% of Americans have $5,000 in savings. Considering a majority of families have a health insurance deductible of more than $3,000, a sudden accident or critical illness could devastate their savings account. In the instance an accident occurs, supplemental health insurance will pay a lump, cash benefit to cover most, if not all medical bills prior to reaching a family insurance deductible.

Applying for supplemental health insurance is easy, and doesn’t require any medical questions or in-depth, personal information. Acceptance is guaranteed and can be used immediately for a covered accident or critical illness that occurs after enrollment.

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